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From: Betty
Date: 2001-03-24 08:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: My Choice of Ferret Foods

After listening to Dr. Tom Willard at the Ferrets 2000 symposium, I
checked the ingredients of all bags available in my pet store and now
use this combination: Totally Ferret Active, Totally Ferret Senior, 8 in
1's Ultimate, Eukanuba kitten. On occasion, I will mix in another brand
like the Sheppard's and Greene or Zupreem.

Most of my ferrets took to the Totally Ferret right off the bat. I have
one ferret who absolutely refuses it but he also has chronic stomach

From some of the stories I read, and then had one ferret surrendered
with a bucket of Kaytee Fiesta, I won't use it because of the
possibility of blockages from the added dehydrated vegetables and fruit,
which if I am not mistaken, was reported on the FML. Comparitively
speaking, the other foods listed are still a better choice.

Betty and Her Blur O'Fur
For the love of ferrets...