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From: Dr. Bruce Williams
Date: 2001-02-25 12:05:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Good news for us here!!

> I will be calling my vet tomorrow to make an appointment for them
and was wondering since they are just around 8 weeks old and had only
one distemper shot when the next ones are? I understand they must be
13 weeks for rabies shots but since I never had any ferrets this
young,was wondering if the vet will be giving them the next round or
distemper shots? I appreciate any help since this is all new to me.
> I thank all of you for your help!!

Dear Michele:

Your next visit is an appropriate time for a distemper shot.
Distemper shots ar generally given as a three shot series beginning
at 6 weeks and given every 3 to 4 weeks and boosted annually. I am
assuming that they have already been given one by the
producer/breeder at 6 weeks. Rabies vaccination is given at the last
vet visit - usually 13-1 weeks, and this is a good time to get
started on heartworm prevention if you are in a heartworm endemic

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM
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