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From: Melissa Little
Date: 2001-03-22 19:49:00 UTC
Subject: vulvar swelling not decreasing

I adopted a female ferret about the age of 3-4 years old. She developed
signs of adrenal tumors. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed. She
was operated on days later. She has done very well. She never had the hair
loss, but the hair that was shaved off for the surgery has returned. The
agression is better. But the vulvar swelling has not gotten better. It
decreasesd by about half after the surgery. But since then there has not
been a change. I called her vet. He was not in so I was referred to another.
I called her because the ferret was getting sores on her vulva area. We
cleaned them and put antibiotic cream on them and they would go away in a
matter of days. I was afraid that it might be something that needed to be
treated in ways other than what I was doing. The vet that I was referred to
said that if she was to treat the ferret that she would give her steroids
and amoxi, but she preferred that I go to the vet that performed the
surgery. I did and he said that she still may have a tumor. So he gave her
amoxi. I have been giving it to her for 2 weeks tomorrow and the swelling
decreased some but not all the way. I am curious if it is normal for the
swelling to take a while. She had the surgery over two months ago. I only
want what is best. My husband and I have some idea of what she has been
though and think that it is best to keep her happy. She has had lots of
trust problems and has finally come around. I am not too concerned about her
right now, she acts happy and looks healthy other that the swelling. Should
I give her a little more time and see what happens? She no longer gets the
sores so I think that we have that under control. Should I take her in later
if it does not get better and try to push the steroid idea?
Thanks for all the help,
Melissa and Sweet Pea

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