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Date: 2001-03-24 05:59:00 UTC
Subject: water trick for poorly hydrated ferrets

Hi All,

My ferret Boo Boo Bear just had adrenal/insulinoma/liver surgery on thursday and has not been hydrating himself post op. He had sq fluids one day post op, and was still not drinking until i thought of a trick.

i took about 2-3 cc's of ferretone and put it in a small bowl of water. the ferretone is oily and floats on top of the water. it disperses when his tongue hits it, and he keeps drinking to get more ferretone. i've actually had to stop him from drinking so much now, because he drank almost 4 ounces of water in one lapping session and i was afraid he'd vomit if he kept it up. he's been urinating up a storm since we started this.