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Date: 2001-03-24 10:24:00 UTC
Subject: pet stain and odor remover (bacterial and enzymatic)

We recently started using a pet stain and odor remover product called "OUT!"
Generally, its' use is confined to spraying floors and carpets where the
critters "miss" the boxes. I have no problem with that use, since it is
generally done after the fuzzbutts are put away. However, recently, my wife
(human health RN) started to spray it on top of the litter after removing
yesterdays waste. While it does work as advertised and keeps the boxes from
stinking (the ferts share our bedroom), I am beginning to wonder about its'
safety in the litter box application.

This nagging concern has arisen since I read the product ingrediants label:
<non-pathogenic bacteria, natural enzymes and mild detergent>

No where on the labeling does it say "safe for pets" and there is a warning
on the label to "keep out of reach of children"...which may be for any number
of reasons such as liability and may have nothing to do with poisoning...BUT
still I wonder with concern. Any thoughts out there on this one..especially
since there are many such products coming onto the marketplace under various

putoriusfuro and of course the 11 scuffling scoundrels