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From: Syriiu .
Date: 2001-03-22 16:35:00 UTC
Subject: Please Help Me! Prolapsed Rectum in Kit

I have a 7 week old kit with a prolapsed rectum. She did it yesterday while
straining to 'go'. I looked at her later and noticed that she had what
looked like a big red ball sticking out. Since then the swelling has gone
down. I've been treating her by giving her moistened food and a little
canola oil to help lubricate her system. I've also been using some
Preparation H cream on it.

I hate putting these ointments on her...Everytime I touch the area, she
squeals in pain as loud as she can and tries to have a bowel movement.
She'll squeal and bite me for several minutes and run around trying to poop.
Her droppings are coming out very slowly, a little at a time. Now, it looks
much smaller, but is bloody. I really hope it goes back in on it's own. I
can't stand to see her like this and hear her cries every 2 hours as she
tries to 'go'. She's been licking her bottom. I'm worried that she'll ingest
the creams that I'm putting on her and get sick or poisened...

I seriously need some help! The one of the vets that I've called thinks it
will need surgury ($100+), but others say to just treat it with the
creams...I don't know if I can afford it or not...Please help me.

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