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From: Tamara Stanton
Date: 2001-03-24 17:19:00 UTC
Subject: Update on Hobbes (urinating/lethargy problems)

Hello all--
I just wanted to drop a quick note on how Hobbes is
doing. I posted a little while back because he had a
beautiful, thick coat of fur (still does), but was
urinating frequently in small amounts in various
places in the room and was pretty lethargic. His
eating and drinking were always fine.

We were finally able to get him in for surgery and he
went in yesterday. Sure enough, the diagnosis was
bilateral adrenal.

This was an eye-opening experience for us. We've owned
ferrets for four years and all of our adrenal cases
have had the typical hair loss. Never would I have
suspected adrenal for this immensely furry guy!!
Honestly, he has a thicker and softer coat of fur than
I've ever seen. Up to yesterday, we still entertained
the thought that Hobbes was just marking; he never
looked pained or anythig when urinating (by the way, I
never saw him drink his urine again after that one
time, either).

Anyway, post-op, he's doing very well, hates his meds,
wants to play, etc.

Thanks for all of your help. I guess we can't watch
these guys carefully enough.

Tamara, Jeff, and the 6 fuzzbutts (some still furrier
than others): Ginger, Moonshine, Penny, Jack, Hobbes,
and Sierra.

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