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Date: 2001-03-24 20:23:00 UTC
Subject: Rinkydink


I have no idea if this would have validity for ferrets, but thought it
might be worth mentioning. I (a person) develop food sensitivies easily
at times, tho not for the same reason as your ferret. I have learned to
do a rotation diet when i am in those phases. the idea is, in people,
any food or substance stays in the system for abuot 4 days. so, on day
one you might eat one food, day two a different one, day three, a 3rd,
and day 4 another one yet. On the fifth day you could have the food from
day one again.

In a ferret the rotation would probably be a different number of days (or
meals) - you might have to experiment - maybe day 1, some kind of fish,
day 2 chicken, day 3 another kind of fish from another family, day 4
beef, etc.

I don't know, this may be totally off the wall in this connection...

I know you have been thru a lot with Rinkydink. Good luck!
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