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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-25 06:05:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Sick ferret - need your help!

> I have a senior, male, deaf ferret who in the last couple of days has
> been acting very odd. When it is time for me to let him out of his cage
> to play he doesn't make a move to come out like usual and his breathing
> is rapid with his mouth open and seems to have a blank eyed stare. I
> have applied honey on his gums assuming this may be a seizure of some
> kind. After several minutes have passed he does get up and moves around
> but staggers somewhat and there does appear to be some hind leg
> weakness. He eats his treats and immediately finds a quiet spot and
> falls asleep again. Could you please give me your very welcomed advice,
> thank you.

The blank stare and staggering is suggestive of hypoglycemia, though hind
leg weakness could be attributed to just about any illness. Open mouthed,
rapid breathing isn't usually one of the symptoms of hypoglycemia unless he
was in the midst of a minor seizure.

He should have his blood glucose checked to find out if this is the problem.
Until you can get him into the vet, make sure he's eating regularly.
Missing a meal can bring on a hypoglycemic episode.

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