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From: Jim & Laura Ferris
Date: 2001-03-25 07:20:00 UTC
Subject: Hair ball or ulcers

May I go back to the subject of hairballs in ferrets again?
We became part of this list when the hairball picture was on
Yahoo's website and when I read about it I was sure that this
was the problem of our 5 year old Panda. When I talked to my
vet, though, he felt sure it was ulcers and prescribed
Tagamet. Because I feel unsure may I tell you Panda's
symptoms and maybe someone has experienced this. I grind and
soak all of Panda's food because his stomach seems so
sensitive, but even so, often if I pick him up right after
eating he will vomit up a very little bit. Even if he is not
picked up he will often vomit a bit up. Also after he eats
you can hear his stomach growl. In the last month he has
started coughing maybe 5 or 6 times in a row a couple times a
day. He sound just like a cat sounds just before it vomits up
a hairball. His weight is great, he looks great, he's
playful. He's getting Petromalt every other day. His poops
are fine. He was on Tagamet for a week and I will say that he
has not vomited as much since then. We would welcome comments!