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Date: 2001-03-25 05:58:00 UTC
Subject: Gidget has passed to the Bridge

Hello FHL,

I posted a few weeks ago about by 7.5 year old little girl, Gidget.
She had
advanced adrenal disease and refused to eat. She had been tube fed
by my vet
for 6 weeks now. We saw absolutely no improvement in her, except
she did
begin to drink water again. The sight or smell of food, treats, or
ferretone nauseated her. In fact, I think she was nauseous all the
only sleep giving her relief. Last week, my vet noticed an enlarged
area on
her liver, that was pressing on the stomach area. An ultrasound
several liver cysts. She aspirated about 15 cc from the largest, in
the hope
that the relief of pressure might help her feel better and possibly
her appetite. It didn't help. The ulcer regimen and the Reglan
didn't help
her either. She had two Lupron shots and had started to grow back a
sparse patches of fur. I think it was just too late to be of any
help. She had also stopped using the litter box all together. She
nearly always 100 %. I think her body and mind were both failing
her and she
was just too sick to care.

I visited her Saturday night at my vet's office. She seemed so sick
and so
frail. I didn't want her to suffer any longer. My vet spent
amounts of her own time, taking her home with her and tube feeding
her meds
and A/D several times a day. She didn't feel exploratory surgery
would have
bought her any additional time. She thinks that the liver was
diseased and
making her feel so sick.She didn't tell me what decision to make,
but in my
heart, I knew it was time. We decided to help her make the passage
to the
Bridge last night.

Gidget was my very first was love at first sight. She
was so
sweet. I got her when she was two years old from my sister who
didn't have
time for her anymore. I think I gave her a wonderful life, with the
best of
care, food and lots of toys and even more love. She gave me more
joy than I
can say. My heart is broken and my eyes are swollen, but she finally
rests in
peace. Sleep tight little Gidgie.

Tearfully yours,

Dodie Vecchione