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From: Public Relations
Date: 2001-03-25 14:15:00 UTC
Subject: Compression fracture Possible tumor?

Good doctors- your input is appreciated:
Cornelius is a rescue approximately 3.5 - 4 years of age, Neutered just
12/29, vaccinated for Rabies & CD in 1/01, approx 3.5 lbs presently, a big
boned boy. . He underwent surgery about 2 weeks ago for what we thought
was an obstruction -- but was reported as a hypertrophic ? lymph node.
Prognosis was great-- ( This was not a ferret familiar lab). He recovered
well from surgery. 3 days ago I notice as he played he would stumble. His
was bright appetite excellent- at time of surgery I will point out a full
exploratory had been performed liver kidney, adrenals and pancreas all
reported in top shape, not other indications of trouble were located. I
pondered insulinoma and kept reviewing how could it be he was fine prior
to surgery -- so I monitored. The stumbling turned more an more obvious He
could stand and walk straight ahead-- then if he turned his entire hind end
flopped like a fish.

So Friday eve I did an assessment and found hind end weakness in both
legs but extremely poor on one side. I studied his spinal profile in a
standing position and notice a slight depression in lower back. I
segregated him to a small single level unit for the night and called the
vets in AM. Cornelius had 2 xrays on Sat AM. He has a compression
fracture? of the spine right where the last rib meets the back.... the
spine seems to present a sway due lower back to pressure -- which the vet
said USUALLY is present with a tumor-- though she could not palpate any
tumor in the hip region? ... I have conferred with a vet tech who has told
me a guesstimate would be 50 % recovery as she has seen this condition
present itself in their practice.. that the tumors do not usually become
palpable until they are advanced. Of course the lab who did the pathology
does no longer have any material left for forwarding-- so I guess we get
to wait and see what comes next.

So how do I get our future ferret patholgy into a familiar lab?

Meanwhile Cornelius in on pred 1.25 ml twice daily and he doesn't get to
be adopted into his home as we had hoped on Thursday this week.......

ANy thoughts good doctors?