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From: Micaela
Date: 2001-02-25 12:26:00 UTC
Subject: foam around mouth & hind legs weak

Hello everyone.
I just read about this list on the FML this morning & subscribed. I was hoping I wouldn't have to post for a long, long time.
I went in the ferret room today & found my old man Bones (8 yrs old) lying in the middle of the floor. I said 'what you doing Bonesies' & he raised up his head & looked at me. I went in to get him & I noticed he had FOAM around his mouth.
I brought him into the living room & he is really acting like he isn't doing good.
He got up & used the bathroom right where he was, ( he never does that) & tried to get on the floor to go again, I put him down & he started having what looked & sounded to me like a sneezing fit, then just laid on his side on the floor.
I put him back on the couch & he laid down with his eyes half open for about 20 minutes or so then got up & went to the bathroom( a little) where he was again.
I put him on the floor he acted like his hind legs wouldn't support him, trying to walk & he had another sneezing fit & laid on his side.
He is sneezing & whining.When I just put him down he walks a step or two & his back legs went sideways & he will just lie down.
& he just had another sneezing fit. Okay I am really worried about him...
I am hoping just maybe he has a "bug" with the sneezing. I am worried I guess because he is getting so old, & that he isn't walking or making it out of his sleeping area for the potty.
I have had Bones since he was a kit, he was my first ferret. He has been doing great lately, more active than usual & going through the 20 ft tube to the living room cage from the ferret room.Health history: He has had two surgeries for bladder stones in the past 3 years. I had worried about him having adrenal cancer because he has lost & grown back in his hair twice in the last 4 years, right now he has all his beautiful fur.

Any advice would be appreciated, I am very worried about my old man. I've never seen him do this before. I would like to know what to suggest to my vet tomorrow if I need to take him . And would like to hear from experienced with this, I have 5 ferrets (6 here including my friends ) .But my Bones is the oldest...
Thank you,

~Zeus~Sammy~& Dito~