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From: K. Crassi
Date: 2001-03-25 13:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: My Choice of Ferret Foods

FWIW... the current kibble-du-jour is a mixture of Nutro Max kitten, Mazuri
ferret, and Superior Choice from The Ferret Store. I've used all TF in the
past, TF mixed with Superior Choice, or mixed with SC and Nutro Max.
Luckily I have ferrets who don't seem to care what kind of kibble is in the
bowl, as long as there is some kind of kibble in the bowl. They also raid
the cats' dish when they are out, which contains a mixture of Nutro Max
"lite" for adult cats, and Pro Plan Hairball control formula.

They ain't picky, that's for sure.

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