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Date: 2001-03-25 21:50:00 UTC
Subject: To Dr. Murray/Reason for Lupron

Just an easy question! (Is there such a thing?? HA!) Frequently,you
recommend Lupron.Why? Everything I have EVER read,listened
to,asked..says it does nothing for the tumor,nothing.The only thing it
seems to do, is regrow hair in most cases.My reason for asking is,I have
a little adrenal girl,who is highly allergic to the anesthesia.I have
decided not to operate,she weighs 1.6 and I truly know she will not
"make it".Can you explain to me why I should use Lupron.She is starting
to lose hair and when she gets bald I can understand.I would LOVE to
hear the reason to use it now.As of yet,I can find no such answer or
Thank You Very Much!