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Date: 2001-03-25 23:08:00 UTC
Subject: behavior question

What is the typical behavior of a ferret that is taken from its cage
mates to live in a new home? We have 7 ferrets, two of which came
from situations similar to what I described. Both of them had begun
to lose weight from not eating, and I'm assuming that they were
grieving themselves to death. Once we had them given to us, we gave
them lots of attention and Gerber stage two chicken baby food for a
time. Both girls are healthy and happy now! My reason for asking is
that I saw 3 ferrets at our local pet store that are being sold on
consignment and will be sold separately if necessary. They're
healthy looking, poop in the corner of the cage looked normal, but
they're a little on the slim side to begin with. I'd love to get
them, but don't know if I can get them for a decent price. They're
very sweet, as I've had them out of the cage twice when visiting. It
breaks my heart to think that they may end up sick from being split
up from their buddies. Please advise if this is a legitimate
concern, or if most seem to adapt well. I was told that they're
between 1 1/2 and 2 years old. Thanks!