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From: Bruce Williams, DVM
Date: 2001-03-26 00:00:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Bruiser/Dr Williams HELP!!!!!

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., JTRADFORD@w... wrote:
> Last night,Bruiser started dry heaving.This lasted about 1/2 hour
> not steady.It was 2 am so I called the animal ER...(he was also not
> enjoying his Gerbers that day,fighting me) They knew nothing of
> but would see him.So, with ferret books in hand,I was getting
> when he started acting very normal...I waited,watched,he I
> stayed home,one eye on him all night.This morning he ate 1/3 jar
> vigor.Just now,3:30 pm he pooped.It had the "consistency" of
Gerbers but
> was brick in color.Not bloody looking at all,just brickish.Not
> seedy,very soft and goopy.
> He has been a bit lethargic since his face tumor biopsy,sleeping
> (he is 4 or 5) The tumor biopsy was two weeks ago so I AM taking
him in
> tomorrow anyway as his stitches are to be removed.Except for the
> poop,he is acting like himself.....Should I take him to an ER
today? As
> they do not treat ferrets (last one told me he had bacteria in is
> poop,remember??) I am leary.Any ideas?
> I just don't like the color......
> Lotsa Love,
> Tara
> BTW....Dr XXX has the other part of that biopsied facial tumor.Do
> want that??
> Maybe IT has live cells??

Dear Tara -

One bout of vomiting and a funny stool does not suggest a trip to the
ER, especially, if he ate fine afterward and is acting like himself.
Your trip to the vet tomorrow should handle it.

All ferrets have bacteria in their poop.

If there is any more material on that tumor, let's take a look. My
experience suggests that it may not be any better than the first
batch but who knows.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP
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