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From: Valkyrie
Date: 2001-03-26 00:39:00 UTC
Subject: Varying poops.

I'm having a little trouble with my female(Lilith). I finally found
someone that carries Totally Ferret again and maybe it's
coincidence but it seems like about two days after the completed
switch she has had varying stools. Some days it's rather light
colored and seedy, some days it's runny like pudding but normal
color, one day it's greenish (briefly spooked me), some days it's
runny and light in color, other days it's normal. She's eating,
drinking, and hasn't lost any weight.
Last year around May or so, when I first put her in with my
male(Caesar),about 3 months after I adopted her, my male became
sick with green and mucoid stools, refused to eat or drink and
rapidly lost weight. I didn't know if it was because of the female or
because they both went with me to school for my exotic nursing
class (I'm a 2nd year vet-tech student) and they had brief contact
with another ferret. I nursed him back to health with pedialyte,
chicken baby food and some canned Iams kitten food. He's been
fine since.
Since Lilith isn't showing any other signs of illness should I not be
concerned or could it be something I've not considered?
Also, in this period of time she seldom used the litter box but goes
on the top floor of their two story condo in two of the corners on
their carpeting. I don't know if that would be significant.
Could it merely be that I changed the brand of wood pellets?
Opinions please. Thanks so much in advance

"Medicine is not only a science,
but also the art of letting our
own individuality interact with
the individuality of the patient."
--Albert Schweitzer