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From: Sidsel L. Espersen
Date: 2001-03-26 01:36:00 UTC
Subject: Need Help!!! How to keep 64 hours old kits alive.

Okay, I thought I would have joyeus news, that my new kit was born, well he
is born, but this morning my friend found 4 dead kits in the nursery cage.
They were still warm and she had not cannablized them, my friend thinks they
may have suffocated beneath the mother.

Now 3 kits remain, and must be fed every two hours.

Does anyone have any good advice? Our vet is stopping by later, but what
should she do in the mean time? She's keeping them warm and she's feeding
them. (A kitten milk substitute "Kit-I-Mel")

They have had the first milk, and they looked very healthy, they were
growing and looking great, but it seems as if the jill has stopped
lactating, the tits has decreased in size since she had the kits.

Sorry to bring such bad news! :(

- Sidsel