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Date: 2001-03-26 09:18:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret dying??? Need help

Doctor Williams, I wrote to you years ago about my ferret snickers.
She was mis-diagnosed by our vet. However with your help she is
alive and doing very well. The problem we are having now is with her
buddy Bandit. Bandit is 3. About 2 months ago he started to scratch
serverly. So much so that he was loosing his hair around his neck
and forming scabs. We took her to the vet and the vet recommended an
antibiotic to clear up her cuts caused by the scratching and
Benadryl. The vet thought the ferret was having an allergic reaction
since he seemed fine otherwise. He was eating and drinking. Well we
were not happy with the diagnosis so decided to get another opinion.
This second vet felt that a ultra sound was necessary. We had one
done and the results showed (so they say) an enlarge adrenal gland, a
tumor on the pancreas, and lymphoma. (sorry for all the mis-spelled
words). The vet gave no hope for the ferret except prednisone. This
was a month ago. We have been feeding bandit by hand. We have been
giving him baby food with the prednisone. He is eating well. Matter
of fact he eats regular Marshall ferret food also on his own. But he
does look terrible. He lost almost all his hair and lost weight. He
also lost the use of his feet...though his legs still move. He seems
energetic otherwise but is very skinny. We will continue to feed him
by hand. Any idea if this diagnosis is correct? We know he is sick
but the last vet said he will be dead in a week and it has been a
month. The first vet thought it was an allergy but we cannot figure
from what. We did not change anything in his cage. Any thoughts that
may help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Mike Tucciarone
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