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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-02-25 12:54:00 UTC
Subject: RE: foam around mouth & hind legs weak

This sounds like Bones may have been experiencing a hypoglycemic (low blood
sugar) episode. Hypersalivation, hind end weakness, etc. Ferrets that are
ill for any number of reasons and as a result don't eat for long periods of
time may experience this. Insulinoma could be smoldering in the background.

Make sure Bones is eating. If not, get some Gerber's 2nd stage chicken baby
food and feed him yourself. Warm the baby food and feed it to him off your
finger. The baby food is high in protein and will help keep his blood sugar
up until you can get him into your vet, which you should do as soon as


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> Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] foam around mouth & hind legs weak
> Hello everyone.
> I just read about this list on the FML this morning &
> subscribed. I was hoping I wouldn't have to post for a long, long time.
> I went in the ferret room today & found my old man Bones (8 yrs
> old) lying in the middle of the floor. I said 'what you doing
> Bonesies' & he raised up his head & looked at me. I went in to
> get him & I noticed he had FOAM around his mouth.
> I brought him into the living room & he is really acting like he
> isn't doing good.
> He got up & used the bathroom right where he was, ( he never
> does that) & tried to get on the floor to go again, I put him
> down & he started having what looked & sounded to me like a
> sneezing fit, then just laid on his side on the floor.
> I put him back on the couch & he laid down with his eyes half
> open for about 20 minutes or so then got up & went to the
> bathroom( a little) where he was again.
> I put him on the floor he acted like his hind legs wouldn't
> support him, trying to walk & he had another sneezing fit & laid
> on his side.
> He is sneezing & whining.When I just put him down he walks a
> step or two & his back legs went sideways & he will just lie down.
> & he just had another sneezing fit. Okay I am really worried about him...
> I am hoping just maybe he has a "bug" with the sneezing. I am
> worried I guess because he is getting so old, & that he isn't
> walking or making it out of his sleeping area for the potty.
> I have had Bones since he was a kit, he was my first ferret. He
> has been doing great lately, more active than usual & going
> through the 20 ft tube to the living room cage from the ferret
> room.Health history: He has had two surgeries for bladder stones
> in the past 3 years. I had worried about him having adrenal
> cancer because he has lost & grown back in his hair twice in the
> last 4 years, right now he has all his beautiful fur.
> Any advice would be appreciated, I am very worried about my old
> man. I've never seen him do this before. I would like to know
> what to suggest to my vet tomorrow if I need to take him . And
> would like to hear from experienced with this, I have 5 ferrets
> (6 here including my friends ) .But my Bones is the oldest...
> Thank you,
> ~Micaela~
> ~Bones~Sno~Cleo~
> ~Zeus~Sammy~& Dito~
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