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From: Jacqueline Snyder
Date: 2001-03-26 13:04:00 UTC
Subject: old age

We've had ferrets about three years. Our oldest is probably close to 8, and
we've got a cluster of 4-5 year olds that we've had for 3 years. (These are
shelter ferrets. A few have the usual sad histories.) I think we won't see
much more cancer in the cluster of 4-5 year olds--I'm thinking that the
ones who were going to develop it probably already have.

Our oldest, a tiny, very thin albino who was raised on dogfood and sweets,
sleeps most of the time and eats 'chicken gravy' and babyfood. She seems to
have trouble with kibble, although she'll occasionally eat a little--she
won't eat any kind of kibble except cheap stuff. Her hair is thin, like an
old lady's hair, but soft. She is very thin and frail, in spite of a good
diet, and I'm starting to see some instability in her back legs. The vet
recommends really just keeping her happy--good food and a warm bed. So I
think she may be nearing her end.

Is this how elderly ferrets usually are? What's ahead of us, especially for
the healthier, more robust ferrets? What can we expect? I'd appreciate