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From: MFN
Date: 2001-03-27 01:57:00 UTC
Subject: Taurine

<Taurine is and essential amino acid that is only
<naturally in meat. We
<have found that 50 to 100 mg per day is the normal
<for Taurine. I
<would not recommend adding 200 mg per day in addition
<what you are getting
<in your food.

Sorry if you misunderstood me but I don't feed 200 mg
a day of taurine. I have one girl that had adrenal
surgery in Nov of 99 and she never went back to eating
kibble except for a small amount that I sneak into her
baby food and yogurt (Yes this is Totally Ferret). I
was worried that because of her diet that she wasn't
getting enough taurine and other things like calcium
as well. For my ferrets I mix Totally Ferret and
Iams Kitten and other premium kitten foods or ferret
food according to sales etc. I found by accident that
she will eat some of the Marshall kibble on her own
and I have continued to add a 7 pound bag of this to
my mixes.
The 200 mg of taurine is what a full tube of
Ferretvite contains and I'd say she eats 2 tubes a
month of this added daily to the baby food, yogurt and
small amound of Totally Ferret.
She does seem to thrive on this food. She was just 13
oz a week after her surgery.. and is now double that
weight.. with a silky thick coat. But I'd love to see
her eat more kibble.

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