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From: Jaclyn
Date: 2001-03-27 10:32:00 UTC
Subject: Kif's interesting necropsy (VETS)

Hi to the vets and anyone interested,

I just spoke with the veterinarian who dealt with Kif. She had
suspected a serious case of lymphocytic leukemia. She sent tissue
samples to the lab as part of the necropsy and we just received the

Well, totally out of left field came the diagnosis. He had a rare
form of pneumonia...he had somehow come in contact with cryptococcus.

She suggested that I have the other ferrets and possible ourselves
tested for this, as it is often gotten by coming in contact with bird,
particularly pigeons, droppings.

Apparently, a lot of people can get it and not know it. It only shows
up with compromised immune systems such as AIDS or Hodgkin's.

How long could he have had this without us knowing? Also, I can't
imagine where he got seagull poop a possibility? I used to
take them to beach to dig in the sand once in a while.

Doctors, do you have any opinions or anything to say about this???

Any thoughts would be welcome.