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Date: 2001-03-27 11:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re Bloodwork and Drawing blood was Re: [Ferret-Health-list]
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<< Is there an easier way to draw
blood? Any suggestions are appreciated! >>

Most ferrets aren't happy about the alcohol, but I find that waiting a minute
afterwards calms them down very well. Also, I have a technician standing by
with a bottle of Ferretone, and most of the time my patients are perfectly
happy to lie there and lick at the ferretone while I draw blood from the
jugular. Many of them don't even need that. Dr Purcell's book has some very
good hints on drawing blood, if your vet needs that. As far as his BG being
171, I suspect that was elevated due to his excitement (stress) and would not
be too concerned about it. I would suggest that at some point when a sample
can be obtained without stressing him that much, it be checked again.

Dr. Ruth
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