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Date: 2001-03-27 15:46:00 UTC
Subject: Dr Williams/Ole' Bruiser,AGAIN!

Took him to the Vet,yesterday.Stool sample was very full of mucous,gold
and runny.(How can I not "gaze"? I am an admitted "stool gazer!" ha) Vet
put him on Albon (not sure of the spelling) in "butterscotch" so he's a
happy ferret! His temp was perfect,he was VERY active AND had removed
his own cheek stitches! He is eating,but no treats but a few Pounce Cat
soft ones (are they terrible? No real worry,they are now out with the
cats!! I don't normally treat,much..)....So,he is going for another
visit next week.
My Vet,(I guess they are all named Dr XXX on this board),had alot more
facial tumor saved for you (in case the other was lost) Thank You,I will
be sending it tomorrow.(my Mom's in the hospital)...there are about 6
little pieces.I sure hope you can find something (non/cancerous) living
there! Would you mind e/mailing him a report on what you "didn't find"
on Bruiser last time? I will send you a personal e/mail with his e/mail
address.Thank you SO much,for Everything!! You are truly a "GEM"
Lotsa Love!
Tara & Family (Especially Bruiser)