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From: Kris/Ski
Date: 2001-03-27 17:10:00 UTC
Subject: Insulinoma or Adrenal

I have 4 ferrets, the one I am concerned about will be 2 in April? (I
believe) She is a Silver,MF. She has always been rather heavy untill
just recentely. I purchased a baby ferret in November, and she plays
with him quite often, so this is why I thought she was loosing
weight. As I said just within the past 3 weeks I have noticed her
loosing weight. She is eating good, and seems to have energy untill a
few days ago. This is when I noticed that she is sleeping more often,
and seems to be scratching herself all over, and seems "weeker" as
she use to get into the bathtub (no water) and play, now she has a
hard time getting in and out, where before it was no problem.
I have been reading up on the symptoms of Adrenial, and Insulinima,
and some of the symptoms are simular for instance the symptoms I see
are, Adrenal...Itchiness, Anemia/Insulinoma...Weakness, Dazed and
confused look, Lethargy, Tremors, (she shakes when she wakes up, I do
not know if this is considered tremors, or just cold), Loss of
coordination, Rear leg weakness, Weight loss. These are some of the
symptoms I see now. She has not lost any fur has not become
aggressive or anything else.
I am going to make some chicken gravy as a book I am reading suggests
that, and see how this works. One problem here is I do not feel
comfortable with my vet, I have one other option with another vet,
but I am not shure how they are with ferrets. I have checked out some
web sites that suggest vets in my area, and can not find anything. I
am scared to death that she may have either one of these diseases and
that I do not have a proper vet to treat this.
Another thing is maybe she is OK and this is just a stage she is
going through? I just don't know.
Suggestions please,