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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-03-27 20:58:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Adrenal & should we do another surgery?

The only cure for adrenal disease is surgery. There's really nothing
else you can do if you want to treat the problem rather than the
symptoms. Lupron does wonders for treating the symptoms, but the
diseased gland is still there and it gets no better.

She sounds like a real good surgical candidate so this is probably
the best way to go.


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Stephanie Norrick" <snorrick@e...>
> Hi everyone! My ferret Fergie will be 5 in June. In October of
> 1999, she had adrenal surgery to remove her left adrenal gland.
> Diagonis was made based upon signs (hair loss and swollen vulva)
> after some different injections to see if it might be something
> else. She came through surgery wonderfully (my vet even let me see
> the gland after he removed it)!
> Now the problem. Fergie is showing signs again. Her hair loss is
> more substantial this time and the swollen vulva is not as
> I really don't want her to go through surgery again (it's not the
> money). She is so tiny. Both times her weight is and was
> consistent, her activity level is extremely high and she eats and
> drinks plenty.
> My vet is willing to perform surgery again and explained all the
> risks involved (he is the only vet in the area who will perform
> adrenal gland removal). I have no doubt in is ability. He knows
> my concerns with surgery. He suggested since I wasn't that crazy
> about surgery to wait and see how Fergie's quality of life is. If
> see her going downhill, then we will need to do something. Is
> surgery worth it again? Can we try something else? What ohter
> should I be looking for to see if Fergie isn't doing well? My vet
> encouraged me to look on the internet to see what else we could do
> besides surgery and to get back with him. Any ideas or comments
> would be greatly appreciated.
> -Stephanie :)
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