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Date: 2001-03-27 20:52:00 UTC
Subject: Response from Pfizer

Just wanted to share a response I received from Pfizer about


Following your question (below), I have the following comments.
Pfizer did a study in ferrets where they evaluated the safety of the
product and it's flea efficacy. The results indicated that the
product is
safe for use in healthy ferrets (they administered up to 3 times the
dose) and was very efficient against fleas. No studies were done
ear mites but many anecdotal reports from the USA (where they are
using the
product for a longer period than we do in Canada) and Canada
indicated that
the results are very good. They are using the regular dose (same as
for dogs
and cats) 6 mg/Kg (mauve package would be adequate). It is important
treat all the animals in the same household even if they don't show
signs because they can be carriers. 2 doses administered 30 days
apart is
recommended. Because of the alchool base of the product, it is
possible that
it can induce hypersalivation and vomiting (that don't necessitate
supportive treatments)in case of accidental ingestion. Those clinical
were seen in cats but not in dogs. Therefore I recommend to separate
ferrets for 2 hours, to avoid them to lick each other.

If you have other questions don't hesitate to call our Technical
Services at
1 800-461-0917.

Sophie Beaulieu, dvm
Technical Services Manager, CAD, Pfizer