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From: G Kelley
Date: 2001-03-27 20:25:00 UTC
Subject: need some advice from vets

I posted a week ago about a member's ferret that was
diagnosed with a bladder infection. This is the second time
this ferret has had a bladder infection in the last year and
half. The x-ray shows sediment at the bottom of the bladder.
The ferret has been on antibiotic for a week now. The urine is
still very stinky, he is licking at himself and rubbing
himself on things. He is a very unhappy little guy. Could this
be adrenal? Should the meds have had an effect by now and this
should be clearing up? I can't tell you what antibiotic his is
on, just that it is now amocillan, I have suggested she get a
second opinion from a more ferret wise vet, but, meanwhile
what can I suggest to her?
Your help/ input is greatly appreciated
Deb Kelley, Manitoba Ferret Association