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From: Diana Hastings
Date: 2001-03-27 21:31:00 UTC
Subject: Four year old female ferret with unusal yellow feces

Hello all,

This is my first posting to this group and I would like to
share this with anyone that can provide my vet and I some

For the past three months. my female ferret Snowball has had
bright yellow mucus feces. It is not shaped like a normal
bowel movement but thick,soft, translucent and bright in
color. Two months ago I took my ferret to the vets office
because she was lethargic, salivating and had very low blood
sugar (not sure if the two are tied together). The change in
her feces happened about a month before her emergency visit to
the vet's. I brought a small part of her feces along. The
vet looked at her feces and could not detect either a viral or
bacterial cause. I told the vet that Snowball had just
started this type of feces about a month before her emergency
but appeared not to have any other problems. My vet did a
quick glucose test and her level registered at 33. The vet
drew blood from the ferret and sent it off via Federal Express
out of state. The test came back normal. I brought the ferret
back the following week and we ran another test in the vet's
office. The quick glucose tests registered in the 80's.
Snowball is approx 4 years old and has been very healthy up to
this point. The vet does not want to do any unnecessary
surgery without reason. Since the last emergency, Snowball
has not had another episode but has not been very energetic or
playful. She has been very
affectionate of late and allows me to hold her for lengthy
periods followed by alot of kissing on her part (very unlike
her, she
has been a "surprise I like to bite" ferret since she was a
kit)! Thanks for listening.

Diana Hastings