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From: Coppandco
Date: 2001-03-27 22:54:00 UTC
Subject: Abnormal reaction to lupron???


I posted earlier about my female ferret Kali and her lack of
hair regrowth after adrenal surgery. The general consensus
was to wait a while and then run the Tennessee Panel if she
had not regrown the hair in a couple of months.

Just to summarize the right adrenal was removed but the left
was not found.

Well - my Vet had some left-over Lupron after giving a bird an
injection so he called me and asked if I would be interested
in trying (for free) a Lupron injection. Kali had the Lupron
injection a week ago and four to five days later developed a
swollen vulva and a return to her "needy" behaviour - she will
not leave me alone.

The question that has both my vet and myself stumped is -
Since Lupron suppresses the adrenal and since Kali got quite a
large dose - why has this symptom suddenly occurred and what
treatment options are there?? Dr XXXX is posting his
questions on an internet Vet Board and I said I would post
here to cover all bases. We are looking at a 2nd adrenal
surgery next week to see if the left adrenal can be found.

Any suggestions or comments would certainly be appreciated

Rena, poor bald and needy Kali and the healthy and very
perplexed boys TJ, Slater, Okisi, Tobie and Sindbad