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Date: 2001-03-28 04:48:00 UTC
Subject: new ferret owner


I was hoping someone could help. We just bought our first ferret
weekend, during an unexpected visit to a pet store. My husband and I
picking up fish when we saw this little guy in his cage. He looked
unhappy. He was all by himself just sitting there. As soon as we
bent down to
see him, he jumped up and started playing. There was no way I could
have left
him there. Anyway, I have lots of questions. We've never owned a
before, we currently have 2 bunnies. I did find a lot of info on the
web, but
I still have a few questions. He does have a vet appointment this
1. He is 3 months old, neutered, descented and has received his 1st
shot. When do I have to bring him in for his other shots? What
should he be
getting? Yearly boosters, distemper and rabies?
2. How old do they have to be before you start giving them heartworm

medicine? Is this a must?
3. The pet store said, since he is young, to moisten his food with
before we give it to him. How long do we have to do this? When can
he start
eating regular dry pellets?
4. What is the best pellets to feed him? Should I buy the Marshall
since he is a Marshall ferret?
5. Now that spring is near, should I start giving Petromalt to avoid

hairballs? I haven't seen him shed yet, so is this really necessary?
giving it to him on a daily basis, harm him in anyway? If he is
getting the
right food with enough fiber should I give him this once he starts
6. What are some good tips to help him stop nipping? He does it as
soon as he
gets really excited. I've bought bitter apple spray to spray on our
hands and
feet, but it only works for about a couple of seconds.

If I forgot anything, please let me know. Sorry if this message is
so long,
but I want this little guy to live and happy and healthy life.

Thanks Alot!