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From: B
Date: 2001-03-28 21:00:00 UTC
Subject: Concerned about two of my ferrets,

I have two ferrets that are 6 and 5. A year ago Jerry had a very bad
reaction to his vacs and became very ill. He lost a lot of weight
rapidly and also was very weak and had trouble walking. He got back
to being his old self, but in the last few weeks has lost an ounce or
two and I am worried. He eats fine, in fact will steal some Salmon
cat food from the cats dish.
Daisy was in the hospital about a month ago due to a rapid loss of
weight and seedy stools. She too has show great improvement, but I am
keeping her in a cage by herself so that I can monior what she eats.I
have been giving her Iams chicken caneed food along with her
kibble.What does have me concerned is that they both run with a gait
that goes kind of to the side. Jerry's back end below the rib cage
and before the hips is a little sunken. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,