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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-03-28 21:40:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Seagull Poop?

I am sure the vets and such here can give much better
information than I, however I did want to share this. A couple
years ago, someone adopted an adult ferret from me. They gave
him a wonderful home, walks in the park etc. Several months
later he became mysteriously ill and had several vets stumped.
They finally made arrangements to visit some specialist
associated with a university. They ended up unable to save him
and I don't remember the technical parts but I do remember
they said is was a rare virus that can be picked up by contact
with infected bird poop. Their happy walks in bird filled
parks basically killed him.
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From: Lynda Galloway
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 7:40 PM
I was waiting to read the answer about Kif's rare case of
pneumonia. I too would like to go to the beach and although
I think we are careful about all poop, how serious is Bird
Poop we don't see, for ferrets snorkeling through the sand
or in the park?
I know, here we go again...more poop staring! But???