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From: basementdogs
Date: 2001-03-29 07:52:00 UTC
Subject: obesity question

Hello fellow members,

Polly is a 5 year 1 month old neutered/descented female Silver Mitt. I
obtained her second-hand at age 6 months. At age 1 year 8 months, she
weighed 2 pounds. At age 2 years 7 months, she weighed 1.8 pounds. At
3 years 5 months, she weighed 1.6 pounds and stayed at that weight until
this past December.

She and my other 2 ferrets were fed a mixture of Iams cat food (orange
bag) and 8-in-1 ferret food until 4 months ago, when I switched them
all to Marshall Farms regular ferret food. By mid February, she weighed 2.4
pounds when I took her to a local ferret wise vet. He thought that she
was simply overweight (her weight distribution is symmetrical, the
classical hour glass of middle age, and there are no lumps) and
suggested that I place her on a reduced calorie food.

So, about a month ago, Polly was placed on Science Diet Maintenance Light
cat food. She now weighs 2.7 pounds. She's gained an ounce in the past
ten days - fat as a tick, you might say, and looks bald on top of her
head and on her stomach (but there's no hair loss). As far a activity
is concerned, she's just as hyper as ever.

I've read over the ferret pathology pages and can't find anything that
fits her situation. Is such a quick, drastic onset of obesity common in
ferrets this age? BTW, the other two ferrets (neutered males, one 5
years, the other 4 years) show no change in weight.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Patrick in Raleigh, NC