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From: Jaclyn
Date: 2001-03-29 07:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Seagull Poop?

Hi Lynne and Susan and all,

(I don't want to name names on the list, if you want to know, ask,
but these two vets are highly respected among ferret folks.)

I spoke with the VERY experienced vet who did the necropsy on Kif and
the again VERY experienced vet who is taking care of my lymphoma boy
and they both stated that taking the ferrets to the beach, to the
park, out back...anywhere, CAN subject them to the cryptococcus
fungus. However, we all (people, ferrets, dogs, etc.) are subjected
to this on a daily basis. It's just the very rare case that picks it

I was feeling pretty guilty but both vets explained how it worked,
etc., and said it would be foolish to keep the animals inside just
fear of this. Like staying inside so as not to get hit by airplane,
for example. Please don't feel guilty taking your ferrets to the
park. All in all, it's quite safe. For me, and the couple referred
to below, it was a tragic fluke. But, we would be miserable and our
fuzzies much worse off if we coddled them inside on constantly mopped
floors with sterilized toys and disinfected hammocks. :) That's no

"Caution is marvelous. Overzealous caution, though robs the fun of
life and is generally detrimental to our species." - George Weaver

If the vets on the list have something to add this or to correct my
words in my early am confusion...please do!


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> I am sure the vets and such here can give much better information
than I, however I did want to share this. A couple years ago, someone
adopted an adult ferret from me. They gave him a wonderful home,
in the park etc. Several months later he became mysteriously ill and
had several vets stumped. They finally made arrangements to visit
specialist associated with a university. They ended up unable to save
him and I don't remember the technical parts but I do remember they
said is was a rare virus that can be picked up by contact with
infected bird poop. Their happy walks in bird filled parks basically
killed him.
> Susan

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> Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Seagull Poop?
> I was waiting to read the answer about Kif's rare case of
pneumonia. I too would like to go to the beach and although I think
we are careful about all poop, how serious is Bird Poop we don't see,
for ferrets snorkeling through the sand or in the park?
> I know, here we go again...more poop staring! But???
> Lynda