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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-29 14:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: The amazing ferret - impervious to a neck needle stick!

Edward Lipinski wrote:
> >From you post assume that 'jugular' you refer to is the right or left
>exterior jugular vein and not the interior jugular nor the common carotid
>artery. See page 38, Fig. 2-15 of J. G. Fox.

Correct. They usually aren't going for arterial blood and why go
deep without need? Luckily, none of our guys have thin bifurcated
jugulars. (Actually, I haven't heard of that venous variation in
ferrets, as opposed to humans, so don't even know if any ferrets have
had it...)

>Do you recall if you vet uses a pre-evacuated syringe or does he manually
>evacuate and how much volume?

Volume depends on what tests and on how many tests are done. They
don't act like they get as blown out after blood tests as most humans
I know, though they are affected. The equipment is fresh and the
blood hand drawn, of course, but I don't follow parts of your

>Is the target vein visible once the neck is shaved?

They look like they gently press it for a while to make it more noticeable.

>If not, how does
>your vet hit it?

Not doing it myself, I don't know, but they've had it smack dab on
just about every time. Now and then we have had an individual who
was hard to stick -- mobile, rubbery, or thin veins, or such, but
that has not seemed to be incredibly common.

> Is any pressure applied at the inserting site after
>withdrawal - to prevent veinous leakage?


>I am absolutely amazed that the subject ferret does not react violently
>to the needle stick, but as you write, the Ferretone is centered in his
>mind to the apparent exclusion of any pain associated with a neck draw of
>blood. Fascinating.

They tend to jump without the Ferretone we've noticed, but with that
treat being not only present but increasing at about the same time
that they are stuck they just stay right where they are and get the
oil while they can. Have used this trick with multiple ones and it
works marvelously. Have two currently who probably would assume that
the treat is owed them no matter what, and I would not be surprised
if either of those individuals took a break to hiss at everyone,
causing need to try again, but that would depend on if they were
willing to postpone the pleasure.