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From: Diane Burman
Date: 2001-03-29 13:23:00 UTC
Subject: A diagnosis for Meg - eosinophilic hepatitisI

The results of Meg's liver biopsies came back yesterday with
a diagnosis of eosinophilic hepatitis. Is this the same thing
as eosinophilic enteritis that has been discussed on this list
- just specifying that in Meg's case the problem is her liver?

I have read through to FAQ on EE found on Mike Janke's Ferret
Health website and will search through the archive of this
list for the past posts on EE. I have spoken to the vet about
treating Meg with Ivermectin and we will be doing that when he
re-examines her tomorrow. She is already on 1/4 of a 5mg
tablet of Pred 2x/day. Would that be a reasonable dosage in
this case (Meg currently has dropped down to 1.4lb)? Right now
she's getting aluminum hydroxide, Clavamox & Pepcid A/C. Would
any of these medications still be indicated with this
diagnosis? Mike's site only mentions Ivermectin and Pred. I
will be reviewing all her medications with her vet tomorrow.

Just 2 other quick questions:
1) I noticed on Mike's site that a bland diet is recommended.
All she is eating right now is A/D, IAMS canned kitten and
Gerbers Stage 2 chicken mixed together with hot water. I'm
also adding Prozyme before feeding her. Would this be
considered bland enough or should I be feeding her just the
Gerbers alone? Her stool is well formed and only a little
soft, if that information is relevant.

2) If this problem is caused by an allergy rather than a
parasite, is the allergy something that she was only recently
exposed to (say, within the past few weeks or shortly before I
noticed she was ill) or is has this more likely been a problem
she has had for quite some time and I have only just now
noticed? I'm just trying to track down what might be
triggering the allergy and was hoping to narrow down the time
frame a bit.

Thank you one and all for your input,
Diane & the gang