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From: Maggie's Farm
Date: 2001-03-29 13:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Morbid questions

on 3/28/01 10:56 PM, Bruce Williams, DVM at williams@e... wrote:

> If there was extensive exertion prior to death, or if the animal was
> a heatstroke victim, resulting in lactic acid buildup, rigor will
> occur sooner, as the switch to anaerobic glycolysis accompanying
> lactic acidosis results in less ATP production. ATP is required to
> maintain the laxity of muscles - when the stores are used up
> following death of the animal, then the muscles contract resulting in
> rigor.

I know that at times, insulinoma can create great spikes in body temperature
right before death. Would this increase in temp also affect rigor?