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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-02-25 16:34:00 UTC
Subject: bones and cartilage, K. Maxwell

Kathy, bone is something of a touchy subject. Yes, there's every
reason to think that the nutrients in bone are good for them as would
be cartilage. The problem arises because even though carnivores have
a long history of adaptation to bone, it is impossible to totally
eliminate the puncture risks that bones can cause to the intestines.

Personally, when we give bones I do not grind them. I cook them till
soft, then I carefully crush the soft bone ends into a fine powder
and give that plus the marrow. I may be overly careful in doing so,
but I personally prefer it that way. Opinions seem to be quite split
on this issue.

Fetal mice will have extremely tiny and light (and thus easily
digested) bones. To top that off. much of the lengths of the bone
shafts and certainly most of the joints will still be cartilage
because growth has not been completed.