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From: Rosalie Yudelson
Date: 2001-03-29 22:05:00 UTC
Subject: What's Up with Angie?

Hi Everyone-I have a question for the veteran ferret people, as well as the
doctors... I rescued Angie about 6 mos ago. I was told she was "about 1 1/2
yrs old"- although I suspect that she is older.
She fit in well with my family-(ferrets and humans alike) although she has
been "nippy"- a result of very little socialization at her previous home,
where she was NEVER let out of her cage. When she came here, and joined the
family, she was a little hyper when she was let out of the cage. I thought
it was a "free at last" thing... She still is hyper, but, her "nippiness"
has escalated to biting. My son saw her becoming aggressive with my other
female earlier in the week- I have noticed that her skin looks a little
pinker than normal-around her eyes and between her shoulders, and on her
belly. At first, I thought it could be an allergy to my laundry detergent,
or corn in her food-I changed them both, but, Angie is still "pink", and
she's not been a very nice girl lately. I tried to call my vet( ferret
knowlegdeable) tonight, but, he wasn't in- I will call in the AM-
What tests should I request? What could be wrong? She is eating, drinking,
peeing and pooping- all normally.

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