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From: kristy ishihara
Date: 2001-03-29 22:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Edward Lipinski's post

Just read Edward Lipinski's post about the frequent
health problems in ferrets. I found it somewhat
facetious (enjoyed reading it), but it reflects some
concerns that I have had, and I would also be
interested in any answers that are posted.

I have only had one ferret (marshall farms) and she is
now 7 and she is the most wonderful thing and I love
her dearly. I don't even have any friends or family
who have ferrets of their own, but everyone loves my
ferret. Even those who don't usually like animals
(i.e. grandma), love my ferret. She is so spoiled. I
am sure most ferret lovers can relate when I speak of
the love and devotion I have for my little girl.
Unfortuately, she has had some kind of illness every
single year of her life except one. And when she is
ill, it takes such an emotional toll on me including
the anxiety provoked by her illness itself as well as
from trying to find a vet who can figure out what is
going on; the stress of trying to give her medications
and trying to get her to eat when she otherwise would
not, and the trauma of getting blood drawn, and
nursing her through surgery.....Her life has been one
emotional roller coaster for me.

Now that she is considered geriatric, I do find my
self pondering what I will do when it is time for her
to cross over the rainbow bridge. What will I do
without my baby? After she developed adrenal gland
problems I joined the FAIML and read about everyone
else's ferrets' adrenal problems and insulinomas and
cancers. They just seem so common. I am not sure if
I should get another ferret. Can I voluntarily commit
myself to another emotional rollercoaster?

And so it makes me wonder just how often ferrets get
sick. What percentage of ferrets do get all the
various illnesses--the ulcers, the insulinomas, the
adrenal problems, the cancers, the gastrointestinal
viruses, etc etc etc. Can I hope to get a healthier
ferret from a breeder rather than a pet store? If so,
is there something in particular I should look for in
a breeder? If it doesn't matter, does it make a
difference if I rescue a ferret from a shelter versus
buying a kit. If so, what should I look for in
ferrets from shelters. Or what should I look for in

Ferrets are such wonderful little animals. Are the
really so prone to health problems?

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