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From: Diana Ashton
Date: 2001-02-25 16:50:00 UTC
Subject: mystery ailment

I posted about a friends ferret the other day named Abbey.
Well she went
in yesterday for more tests. She is still eating and drinking
and tries
to play but her rear end is not cooperating. She is still
pulling it
along behind her.

This is what the vet came up with.
1. She has a significantly enlarged heart, specifically the
right side.
2. Her bladder is enlarged and it spears that she is not
enough however no infection was present. The vet said it
might be
because she cannot get her hind end up high enough.
3. She is anemic.
4. Low potassium
5. She has en elevated LDH enzyme. IT was at 1800.
6. Chronic elevation of white blood cells ct. It was at
10.8000 6 weeks
ago and is now 12.1000
7. Low elbumin in the blood.

The vet is primarily thinking cardiomyapathy, but as a second
guess it
might be ADV. Abbey's owner does not feel with her work
schedule that sh
ecan properly care for her and would like to release her to me
but continue
to help with the vet bills that are a for sure. Obviously I
would like to
have the ADV test done since I have 23 other ferrets in the
shelter so she
is checking into the costs bit she is trying to find 1 thing
and a couple
of things that might tie all of these symptins together.

Any ideas out there? I sure wish that Dr. Williams had not
left the list.

Diana and The Ferret Farm