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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-30 14:31:00 UTC
Subject: furballs and fiber content question

I would like to know if anyone has ever analyzed fur balls for
artificial or natural fiber content, and how things like fake fur
fibers and fake fleece behave if ingested.

The reason I ask is because when they went into Jumpstart, along with
the expected things they found two fur balls. Now, in 19 years we
have had only 2 with fur balls: Scooter a few months ago, and now
Jumper. That might have a very simple explanation in that we have
had three with adrenal surgery in something like a half year, so
there has been plenty of shedding around here with all 7 living
together. We also have increased the proportion of comfy
fleece-lined and fake-fur-lined bedding and that is pretty well all
they used all Winter. That could very well have absolutely nothing to
do with it, but this is out of our norm so I want to cover the
possibilities and try best to stop it from happening again.
Meanwhile, everyone gets an increase in Laxastat, and I am going to
sit down and begin sewing covers and liners for the bedding, piece by
piece, just in case.

When this question set hit me the vet had already left so I asked the
staff to pull the furballs and have them tested for content if there
is a way to do that.

*Has anyone looked into this question, yet? If so, what results?*