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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-03-30 17:45:00 UTC
Subject: Welcome to the FHL

We've doubled our membership in less than a month. I wanted to take a
minute and welcome all our new members. The FHL doesn't allow
individual members to welcome new members on the list. 599 posts that
all said "welcome to the FHL" would get out of hand pretty quick.
Please know that we cherish each of you from the PhD to the new
ferret mom.

Another quirk of the FHL and for the same reason. We don't allow "in
deepest sympathy" posts prefering that these be sent off the list
should someone post an obituary. Please know that if you've lost a
beloved ferret, all of us are grieving with you. I do strongly
encourage everyone to take a minute to send an "in deepest sympathy"
email off the list as I really think they help the grieving parent.

I really just wanted to take a quick minute and let our newest
members know that they are welcome and appreciated.

Happy ferret kisses