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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-30 18:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Problem on the FHL

>I've had a couple of complaints from people who's posts went
>unanswered. In each case they were pretty common ferret questions and
>I assume everyone felt someone else would get it.
>Our vets are a wonderful, priceless resource, especially on the
>really tough ones, but I value our veteran ferret people and your
>wealth of experience just as much. If you can answer a post please
>do, I'd rather 5 people answer each post then have one post go
>If you've posted and haven't recieved an answer, please post again
>and I apologize. I'm trying to come up with some way to make sure
>each and every post gets an answer.

I have to agree with Christopher. Our experienced ferret people, and
our ones who know what a particular experience is like are treasures
whose replies are highly valued. Our folks who are new to ferrets
have fresh perspectives which also help put problems into useful
lights. With about 600 people on list it's pretty well impossible for
the vets, the other experts, or the moderators to keep up with each
one, but by working together all the ferret folks here can do so, and
multiple takes on an issue sure don't hurt. Hey, YOU are a resource
and a treasure!