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Date: 2001-02-25 17:41:00 UTC
Subject: Blind ferret

I just received a ferret in rescue that is a four year old female
with a biting problem. The biting was sporadic and nothing in
paticular seemed to trigger it. She went to the vet and it was
discovered that she has very limited vision. She can see light dark
and maybe determine some shadows which explanes how she gets around
so well and fooled everyone about her handicap. I have been very
careful with her and have started calling her very gently just to let
her know that I was there and was going to pick her up. So far in
three days I have not been bitten. She has not been very well fed,
mostly generic catfood and is rather skinny with short, corse, dry
hair. I have her on quality ferret food with a supplement of Duck
soup made with Chicken baby food, plums/apple baby food, boost plus,
carnation good start all in a base of moistend ferret kibble. Is
there anyway to tell just how long this problem has existed? She has
been biting for at least three years now. Could she have been blind
all this time and no one ever picked up on it?