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From: Karen Purcell, DVM
Date: 2001-03-31 16:49:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Cushings Disease in Ferrets?

> I have a 5-1/2 yr. old female sable ferret (her name is Skittles.)
> Bloodwork results have indicated that she may be suspect of having
> Cushings Disease. I would appreciate any information regarding this
> disease in ferrets and its relation to possible adrenal disease. I
> believe they are both associated with the function of the hormone
> glands. Skittles was diagnosed with adrenal disease about 2+ yrs.
> ago and surgery was performed at that time. She had one side
> removed, but I do not know which side, as she was a shelter ferret at
> the time.
Ferrets rarely, if ever, show signs of Cushing's disease. Can you
post the blood results (and the normals for your lab) for us, please?

> Skittles also has insolinoma which is being treated medically with
> prednisolone(PediaPred Syrup 15mg/5ml). Her dosage is 0.4ml twice
> daily.
> Thank you in advance for any information and/or treatment options
> regarding this subject.

What are her clinical signs? How long has she been ill? Please,
more info :-)

-Dr. Karen
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