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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-31 21:51:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Digestive problems in WS ferrets

I'll have to let this one go to one of the vets on the list. There's
nothing there with which I'm familiar enough to comment.

> Hi Mike,
> I have not been in contact with any other ferrets, but he lives with 6
> others which are not having any problems. For the last few months he has
> had really seedy poops at times, and they have progressed to this state of
> almost all poops being abnormal. The last week or so he has slowed down,
> but he is still more active (and he has a temper) than some of the others.
> He will be 4 years old this summer, and I still use a towel etc. to play
> with him. He has very sharp teeth.
> The vet ran a fecal check on him yesterday, which didn't give us any
> information. I don't want to do surgery on him as good as he is feeling.
> The surgery would be for biopsy information. This is why I am asking for
> information. If we could pinpoint the problem without going to
> extremes, I
> would feel a lot better. Looking through the archives for
> lymphoma info, I
> do gather that I should put him on a very bland diet to start with. Am I
> right? The info on lymphoma is for another one that just had
> surgery a week
> ago.